Dangan Ronpa, After Clear, Part 1

Dangan Ronpa

Apparently there are some things to do even after beating the game.

I have done a few:

  • Perfected chapter 1 and chapter 3’s classroom trials. I almost perfected chapter 2’s, but made an aiming mistake. So I gotta redo chapter 2’s, but maybe next time ^^;
  • I purchased all entries in Event Gallery, Movie Gallery and Artwork Gallery – not including those that are still locked.

Things left to do:

  • Perfected the rest of the trials
  • Sound Gallery
  • Get all Presents
  • Get everyone’s full information and Skills

Extreme stuffs I may not bother doing… ^^;

  • 99 copies of each Present
  • 999 coins after that (maybe it can reach 4 digits or more? >.<)

Special thanks to wanderer for letting me know how to get the last Event and Movie ^^


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