Dangan Ronpa, After Clear, Part 4

Dangan Ronpa

  • Perfected chapter 6
  • Completed Maizono Sayaka’s profile
  • Completed Kirigiri Kyouko’s profile
  • Completed Asahina Aoi’s profile
  • Completed Celestia Roodenberg’s profile

Chapter 5’s machine gun part is really bugged… The highest I got so far is 99 out of 100 points… which is too close >.< Ironically, retrying chapter 5’s trial in the hope of perfecting it became my source of coins…


2 thoughts on “Dangan Ronpa, After Clear, Part 4

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi there ^^

      Sorry, I no longer have the game. I do remember some characters have more. Going to buy the Vita Reload version next month, but they might add additional pages to it ^^;


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