Dangan Ronpa, Complete (?)

Dangan Ronpa

  • Completed Togami Byakuya’s profile
  • Completed Fukawa Touko’s profile
  • Completed Fujisaki Chihiro’s profile

With these, I’ve completed every profiles, which also means I obtained every Skills and Skill points.

I guess I’ve essentially completed the game. If I were to be extreme, there are always more tasks like ‘get 99 copies of every item’, but that would be too much.

Also, I’m not sure if we can get 100 points for chapter 5 trial phase 5, due to bug. My highest score for that phase is 99 points, and I’ve retried the trial at least 10 times.

That being said, I don’t mind playing the game again from the beginning for the story, but not so soon… (just like I can’t stand watching the same movie three times in a row) ^^;


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