Caster Playthrough, Week 1 Day 1

Started playing Fate/Extra again. Caster is the last Servant I have yet cleared the game with.

Caster starts out weak that she requires 2 turns to even beat the first enemy… Right now, I still can’t upgrade her. But when I can, I would probably get confused over which of her stats to advance… >.<

I think it’s important for me to raise her STR, despite it being her most difficult stat to raise, so that she can at least beat the enemies in a single turn, otherwise the game would take too long…

I’m also surprised I haven’t unlocked the first enemy’s full info yet, despite having done 2 playthroughs. So I unlocked it and stopped there.

I also leveled up Caster to level 5, and saved up 12 Skill Points for when I can start using them to raise Caster’s stats ^^


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