Fuwa Fuwa Jikan on Hard

So I played Fuwa Fuwa Jikan song on Hard since it gives a lot of rewards.

I played as Yui, and managed only rank B. I guess they (the developers) are saving tricky combinations for Hard -_-” I think I can do it better next time, though. Next, I played as Ritsu and got better with Rank A. Then I played as Mio, the lefty in the group, and guess what? Perfect on first try! XD I’m not left-handed, so I’m quite proud of this… ^^

I played as Tsumugi before, so I skipped her. Lastly I played as Azusa and managed Rank A (my previous turbulence with Yui and Ritsu kinda helped me for this).

I guess that’s it for now ^^;


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