More Costume Hunting

Did all Let’s Go songs on Hard. Got mostly Rank A and S.

Retried Fuwa Fuwa Jikan as Yui on Hard. Got A this time and got the costume ^^

Dressed everyone the Fuwa Fuwa Jikan costumes, including the hairstyles ^^;

Perfected Fudepen Ballpen as Yui on Hard on first try! XD Got B for Mio (kinda difficult pattern), but still obtained the costume. Got A for both Ritsu and Azusa, and S for Tsumugi ^^;

Edit: Got S for JajaUma Way To Go as Azusa on Hard.


2 thoughts on “More Costume Hunting

  1. xellos667

    I may not post any comment normally, but just want to say that I follow your blog which I discovered from the Project Diva 2nd forum on Gamefaqs. So keep it up, it’s actually fun to read your day-by-day progress on so many games :)

    1. Helu

      Ah, thank you ^^ I wish I could put up some screenshots to make the posts more interesting, but the school semester has been keeping me busy… I’ll make an effort to do so when I have some free time… Once again, thanks for following ^^


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