Even More Costume Unlocking

My first target is the song Curry no Chi Rice on Hard. It’s a very fast song. I got A for Mio, Tsumugi and Azusa, but C for Yui and Ritsu (Ritsu’s was hella fast). I only needed to clear the song and managed 5o combos to get the costumes and accessories for each character, so it was all good… ^^;

Next is Cagayake!GIRLS. The song is kinda soft, even if I set the PSP speaker volume to max, so I plugged in my earphones. I got A for everyone, except Tsumugi, whom I got S. So this song is for unlocking Santa costumes.

I guess that’s it for today… Seriously though, where are the swimsuits??  ^^;

Edit: Scratch that… I continued playing. I tackled the song Don’t say “lazy”. I got S for Yui and Ritsu, A for the rest ^^; And my battery ran out of juice, and my eyesight started to fail me… I guess that’s really it for the day… ^^;

It appeared I jacked up my completion rate to 83% or so… most of the remaining costumes had to be unlocked by playing every songs as every characters on Hard, which would take quite some time… ^^;


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