Go Tsumugi Go!

Time to play through every Hard songs at least once to get the rest of costumes.

I decided to start with Tsumugi since her part is easiest, and I like her character most ^^

So I played through these songs as her on Hard:

  • Sunday Siesta (perfect in one try!)
  • Hello Little Girl (almost perfect in one try… a single mistake)
  • Jajauma Way To Go (got A)
  • Mezase Happy 100% (got A) (unlocked new voice)
  • Watashi ha Watashi no Michi wo Iku (got S) (unlocked new voice)
  • Gitah ni Kubittake (got A, expected less ^^;)
  • Heart Goes Boom!! (got A)
  • Girly Storm Stick (almost perfect in one try… broke down in last part ^^;)

And I unlocked her swimsuit! XD

I wonder who I should use next… Ritsu? Yui? ^^


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