Hello Little Girl, Tsumugi Hard Perfect

Perfected Hello Little Girl as Tsumugi on Hard in a single try! XD

It’s a nice song, but it’s rather slow in terms of the gameplay… I would like to get over with this song soonest possible… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Hello Little Girl, Tsumugi Hard Perfect

  1. xellos667

    I would like to play K-On, but I would wish they would have done a Digital version of it like Project Diva 2nd. Because I don’t want to remove the first Project Diva game from my UMD reader for now. So it will have to wait (oh please Sega, make a PSN release!!!)

    1. Helu

      Yeah, I wish some games would finally get their digital version now that NGP is coming, like Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep :( I hope K-On would have digital version, too (I hope Sega would release it before K-On 2, instead of what they did for Project Diva series). The first Project Diva is so much fun but I can’t perfect the last 2 songs on Hard ^^;


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