Dear My Keys, Azusa Hard Perfect

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

Perfected Dear My Keys as Azusa on Hard.

It took me two tries… Azusa’s part is supposed to be the hardest, but once I’m used to the double-notes, Mio and Ritsu’s parts become the ones that give me most trouble. I attempted Mio and Ritsu’s parts of this song, but failed… -.-”

I think I have better chance with Ritsu’s part than Mio’s, though.

2 thoughts on “Dear My Keys, Azusa Hard Perfect

  1. xellos667

    The more I read your K-On post, the more I want it, maybe I will order it to replace Project Diva after all, since I mostly play on the Dreamy Theater now.

    Speaking of Project Diva, will you ever come back to it? I finally managed to Perfect everything this morning….everything except that last stupid song that I can’t even clear. How is it humanly possible to even get a Perfect on it. It makes my record card look incomplete with 97% Extreme Perfect and 99% overall…all that because of one song that was created by the Devil himself…

    1. Helu

      Guess I’m returning to Project Diva once I complete K-On ^^; K-On’s timing by the way is not as strict as Project Diva… Project Diva’s ‘Safe’ is K-On’s ‘Good’, but unlike Project Diva’s ‘Safe’, K-On’s ‘Good’ doesn’t break the combo. And K-On doesn’t have crazy difficulty song like the one in Project Diva 2 you mentioned… ^^;


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