Cagayake!GIRLS, Azusa Normal Perfect

Finally perfected Cagayake!GIRLS as Azusa on Normal today.

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

It took me three tries, plus more tries from when I failed last time ^^;

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

The part that gave me most trouble. As soon as I press that last X on the right, I have to quickly handle the left combination... ^^;

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

And lastly, the results screen ^^;

The last Normal song I’ve yet to complete is Ritsu’s Girly Storm Stick.


2 thoughts on “Cagayake!GIRLS, Azusa Normal Perfect

  1. OshareKeiji

    Azusa’s part was actually the first one I perfect cleared in Cagayake Girls Normal. Blame it on wanting to get used to her hold parts ASAP, which took about half a month to get down.

    I’ve heard that some people actually can’t stand Azusa’s parts in Houkago Live since it’s too technically oriented compared to Yui’s and Mio’s guitar riffs. But that’s just part of the characterization aspect, IMO.

    1. Helu

      I see… Your first is my last, LOL ^^

      I actually didn’t find much trouble in adapting to Azusa’s style… I guess playing as Yui, Mio and Ritsu, kinda help to prepare for her style… ^^;


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