More K-ON!

Originally I intended to stop for the day… but nah, it’s weekend ^^;

Perfected Fudepen Ballpen as Azusa on Hard in a single try! I think I’m really on fire as Azusa today ^^;

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

Perfected Let’s Go as Mio on Hard. At first I wanted to try using Taiyaki to overcome the lefty quick-tap notes, but it turned out I don’t need it; my left thumb can catch up now.

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

I also unlocked Mio’s rare voice #31 ^^

Perfected Fudepen Ballpen as Mio on Hard. Are they sure this is a 2-star song?? -_- In the end, I had to cheat by not holding the button even though some notes are meant to be held. Doing so doesn’t break the combo, so… ^^;

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

And so I’ve perfected all Hard songs up to Fudepen Ballpen. I’m halfway there… ^^;


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