Even More K-ON!

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

Between my last K-ON! post and this one, I’ve actually played it quite a lot.


  • Go My Way as Azusa on Hard
  • Go My Way as Ritsu on Hard
  • Go My Way as Mio on Hard
  • Curry no Chi Rice as Azusa on Hard
  • Gitah ni Kubittake as Yui on Hard
  • Heart Goes Boom!! as Azusa on Hard
  • Happy!? Sorry!! as Azusa on Hard
  • Gitah ni Kubittake as Mio on Hard
  • Gitah ni Kubittake as Tsumugi on Hard
  • Happy!? Sorry!! as Mio on Hard
  • Happy!? Sorry!! as Ritsu on Hard
  • Happy!? Sorry!! as Tsumugi on Hard


  • Azusa’s rare #21 voice from Girly Storm Stick
  • Azusa’s rare #47 voice from Curry no Chi Rice
  • Mio’s rare #34 voice from Happy!? Sorry!!

I also posted a tip for Tsumugi’s Happy!? Sorry on Hard at GameFAQs:

I figured out a way to make the combination triangle-circle-triangle-circle-square-square-square easy to do.

For the triangle-circle-triangle-circle part, you don’t ‘tap them individually’, which causes the thumb to move a lot.

Instead, you start by pressing triangle, but keep the thumb pressed, and then slide the thumb to circle. Then you go back to triangle, and repeat one more time.

So it’s like you’re rubbing/stroking across triangle and circle buttons two times.

Need to take care of the stroking speed a little bit if you want perfect-perfect-perfect-perfect though, else you’ll get something like great-great-great-great or perfect-good-perfect-good. The speed to do it is a little slower than the ‘intuitive’ speed.

And you may want to wear glove cause repeated attempts of this move may hurt the thumb’s skin, because of friction. Also, wearing glove let you control the speed more.

Hope this helps for those who haven’t perfected this song ^^

I seem to be in what I would say ‘the completionist’s high’ for this game, since I’m close to completing it (unlocking everything and getting all Perfects in records.) Unfortunately, I think I’ll still need at least half a dozen more sessions.


4 thoughts on “Even More K-ON!

  1. OshareKeiji

    I do that sliding thing myself. It’s a technique that’ll last you through majority of high-tier Secret Score Songs as well.

    Gloves are useful, but the friction is hardly an issue according to people who used 2000 models (since the buttons feel a bit more sunken, therefore making for seamless sliding) and veteran 3000s with beat up buttons.

    People with big thumbs (like me) can also do a tilting press style for more managable taps.

    1. Helu

      Ah, I see ^^ truth is, when I first did it, it’s actually the first time I ever did something like that on my PSP ^^; and it kind of hurt; I could feel the burn on my skin LOL

      How’s a tilting press like though? Don’t tell me… press triangle using upper part of thumb, and circle using lower part of the thumb, without the thumb moving location?

      1. OshareKeiji

        Actually, it goes something like this: For alternating Triangle + Square, the forepart of the thumb is placed in top of both buttons (diagonal in placement, covering half of each respective button), then when the parts come up, do side tilts depending on which one is needed.

        I do the method you mentioned as well, but mainly for action platformers with dash buttons.

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