Heart Goes Boom!! Mio Hard Perfect

I tried Don’t say “lazy” as Tsumugi on Hard, but failed… I guess I was tired after a day’s work ^^;

So instead I perfected Heart Goes Boom!! as Mio on Hard.

It took me several tries. I think it would have been much harder if I hadn’t somewhat gotten used to her style ^^;

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

I counted that I have 11 more songs to go ^^;


4 thoughts on “Heart Goes Boom!! Mio Hard Perfect

  1. OshareKeiji

    Mugi’s Don’t Say Lazy is still giving you trouble huh? Oi.

    On my part, I tried to remove my A on it yesterday and somehow succeeded (managed to keep a combo running until the last few holds) It would have been a perfect (albeit with help from Cheap Sweets) but I mis-timed the L press and it didn’t kick in until the first Triangles + Squares + Right barrage swept past. Still, got that stain out, so I’m officially not going to do it again.

    Congrats for the Moi Heart Goes Boom! part BTW!

    1. Helu

      Well… on my first tries, I didn’t know when to trigger the item for the last part, and I ended up pressing too early :p on subsequent tries, I think I had gotten tired that I kept making mistakes I wouldn’t normally make in the middle part. So I decided it’s best to quit for now ^^;

      I think I should be able to perfect it after a night’s worth of rest, but congrats on getting S on that song. Yeah, A can be unsightly, I still have a few of them :p

      And thanks! ^^

      1. OshareKeiji

        Thanks, it was my very last A and it took ages to remove. Very humiliating considering I eat a lot of SS Hard parts for breakfast ^^;; (none of which are Mugi’s though)

        My right thumb was utterly shaky after that ordeal, so I balanced it out by doing Mio’s Heart Goes Boom on SS Hard.

        Now they’re both trembling. Absolute balance has been achieved : P

      2. Helu


        (Left thumb after playing Mio’s part)

        Left: pain… T.T

        Right: Haha, you wuss ^^

        Left: >:(

        Left: Owner, go play don’t say “lazy”, Tsumugi hard

        Owner (of the thumbs): Ah, okay..

        Right: What? No… Oh no…

        *Goes to play don’t say “lazy”, Tsumugi hard*

        Right: pain… T.T

        (the scenario is in reverse… but oh well ^^;)

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