Black Rock Shooter The Game

With the purchase of this game, I’m keeping my twisted tradition of ‘playing PSP game version of anime which I have never watched.’ The first was K-ON!, followed by Fate/Extra. Up to this day, I still have not watched their anime ^^;

I managed to perfect this game within a week, and it took me 34 hours.

By perfect, I mean I collected and unlocked everything, got all Achievements, reached maximum level and had maximum number of items in inventory.

It was a short game. There are only 6 chapters, and the last chapter is considerably shorter than the rest. There are Extra stages after beating the game, but they don’t amount significantly much. Also, BRS can only reach up to level 50, and she can only carry up to 5 of each items.

One interesting bit about the game is the bike riding mini-game. It screams of Cloud from Advent Children. I bet if Square-Enix sees this mini-game, they would regret not becoming the first to implement it. In this mini-game, you switch between 3 lanes to dodge oncoming enemies. And if you dodge them ‘just in time’, you’ll actually slash the enemies down, Cloud-style.

As for the main game, it’s interesting but it ultimately falls short, because you’ll soon find a one-pattern strategy that you can repeat for pretty much the rest of the game. And because BRS’ Skills play as cutscene animations, you’ll see the same cutscenes over and over again that it gets really boring.

The battle system is a mix of real-time battle, shooter and… Crisis Core? You aim your shots at the enemies, though the game generously assists you to lock on to your intended targets. When you are shooting, you remain blasting the bullets for a bit of time, and during those times you may get hit by enemies, which is why you may not want to get too trigger-happy.

You can dodge left and right, but you can’t choose the direction. If you dodged left, next time you’ll dodge right, so you are just switching between two spots. If you dodge too early, the enemies will re-align their attacks to your next spot, so dodging requires some timing.

Also, when you dodge or shoot, you will fill up the Heat Gauge, especially when you dodge. As it fills up, your shooting ability decreases. When you exceed the Heat Gauge, BRS will overheat that she can’t do anything for a period of time. If you do nothing the Heat Gauge will come down. You can also block but that will stop the Heat Gauge from cooling down.

You also have 4 Active Skills in battle, which you can set from obtained skills in main menu prior to battle. You activate them by holding R button and pressing their assigned button, and when you do, a cutscene animation will play. The Skills will take some time to charge before you can use them again, though some charge faster than the others.

You will become overpowered soon enough in the game since you will gain powerful Skills that make the enemies pretty much unable to do anything. In fact, with the help of Items, I can defeat the final boss (of the Extra stages) without it making a move at all ^^;

Overall, it’s quite a good game, and Imageepoch outdid themselves with this game. Although the battles are broken, some parts of the game are still quite challenging, like the no-damage bike runs, finding every hidden enemies, etc. The opening movie is great, the presentation is nice, the music is nice, the characters look good, the animation is quite cool, the voices are good, (the story, on the other hand, is rather… ’empty’, or ‘filled with cliche fillers’).

The story, by the way, is done in a 2 hour (if not 1 hour 30 min) movie style, pacing and plot wise. If you cut all the cutscenes in the game and edit them, I think you can make a 2 hour anime feature film :p

Too bad there is nothing more I can do in this game… -.-”

Just another comment, I think the BRS artist is capable of creating a wonderful Rockman world. For some reason I think the battle system, the world, the character designs and the enemies in this game fit a Rockman universe nicely.


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