My PS3 Is Back


Well, not exactly…

My original PS3, which I got during launch, died recently. It was the infamous YLOD (yellow light of death). After rescuing a trapped game disc, I threw it away.

Now I just bought a new PS3 Slim. I thought I would get it much later. The timing coincides with the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I’m not actually the one who wants to play it).

Also, my brother and I chipped in to buy a HDTV. Yes, all along I’ve been playing PS3 on CRT SDTV, which may be unheard of these days, at least from where I stay.

We bought a 46″ size. I’m unsure if it’s big enough for immersive playing experience in the living room (the TV is still on its way).

I guess I’ll be playing some PS3 games. I’m pretty busy these days, so it would be for small breaks.


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