Bought Dreamy Theater 2nd

Just some background about me and Project Diva series… I used to have physical copies of both Project Diva and Project Diva 2nd, but I sold them around the advent of PSN digital distribution, thinking that I can always re-purchase them digitally.

But after selling them, I no longer have access to both games which I enjoyed playing.

Especially Project Diva, which I have fond memories of. Back then I had a modded PSP, and for some reason I put a pirated copy of Project Diva as the only game in my memory stick before I flew to a country with no readily available Internet access for vacation.

I only started playing the game after I landed to that country and it turned out to be very addictive. Back then I didn’t even know who Miku is and what Vocaloid is. Even now I’m still not a person who would actively seek new Miku songs. I just thought rhythm game would be suitable for vacation.

When Project Diva 2nd was released, I had already purged myself of piracy, so I bought an original copy of it asap. It was followed by the budget version of the first Project Diva (after purging my pirated stuffs, I no longer had access to the first Project Diva, which is why I bought the budget version for the same nostalgia I was recently feeling).

But yeah, for some reason I decided to sell my PSP games that can be re-purchased digitally, keeping only those strictly only available on UMDs (such as Crisis Core and K-On! Though K-On is getting a HD remaster soon… ^^;)

And for some reason, even though the first Project Diva was not available digitally back then (now is), I also sold my Project Diva budget version, because after knowing how to order things from Amazon Japan, I think I can always get the more valuable non-budget version ^^;

But yeah, I no longer have access to both Project Diva games after that… -.-”

Until today!

I bought Dreamy Theater 2nd, which is essentially the first Project Diva and Project Diva 2nd HD for PS3 combined into a single package minus all the extraneous features like alarm and stuffs. The tipping point for my purchase is that it also contains the first Project Diva songs, as someone from GameFAQs kindly pointed out ^^ I really miss some of the old songs like Love Is War and Dreaming Leaf ^^;

One caveat is that it requires a Project Diva 2nd save data, but fortunately I still have my save data and it works ^^ I was actually prepared to also purchase Project Diva 2nd again in case it was rejected.

And I think this is the best purchase I’ve made on Japanese PSN, considering my situation of no longer having both Project Diva games. It’s both games into one, there are so many songs to beat, it’s digital, so I don’t have to insert Blu-ray disc, it’s HD, it’s 60fps, the screen doesn’t shake (unlike when I play the games on my PSP lol ^^;) and it is compact (no extraneous features like I said).

I think I’m gonna spend a lot of time on this game while waiting for the Next Project Diva for Vita ^^

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