New Start

It’s been a while since I last posted. With a new resolve, I’m going to try updating this blog every day.

Here are what I’ve been playing:

Time Travelers

It’s a mix of visual novel and interactive movie. It’s one of those things where you make choices and may reach dead ends, and then you would go back and make different decisions to fix things. The story centers around 5 characters and the cool thing is that one character’s choice may lead to another character’s dead end.

I’ve beaten the main mode and unlocked every trophies related to it. It’s not a very long game, but I think it’s not too short either. Beating the main mode unlocks a mini-game which I think resemble games like Love Plus, where you would interact with the main female character and the events are based on real time.

Persona 4 The Golden

I’ve a difficult start playing this game because I’m more used to simple RPG games, and I like to make sure I don’t miss anything. I’ve given up doing that and instead I’m just enjoying the game, making decisions based on my personal preferences. I’m enjoying this game much more now and I think it’s really good.

There are guides around that can tell me how to unlock everything in one playthrough, but I think it will be too restrictive and kill the fun, so I decide to hold off relying on those guides until next playthroughs, when it’s time to clean up for trophies.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition

The bad thing about online trophies is that the game’s servers may be shut down, and then it would be impossible to earn those trophies. With offline trophies, no matter how difficult they may be to obtain, you can still take your time. I’m worried that this particular game’s server may be closed soon, so I’m getting back to the game.

Even though this is a really nice game, I’m kinda put off that I have to repeat the things I’ve done in PSP version.

Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Edition

I bought Metal Gear HD Collection for Vita. I haven’t touched Metal Gear Solid 3 yet, but I’ve beaten Metal Gear Solid 2 at least once.

It’s amazing to be able to play Metal Gear Solid 2 on a handheld device. It was my dream back then and it was finally realized. Too bad I don’t feel as enthusiastic about it as I did.

4 thoughts on “New Start

  1. Keao

    Yeah I feel ya! Persona is all about making your choices, the game being awfully long and the choices coming almost always by pair make it impossible to get everything unless you’re using a guide… Which somehow kill the fun.

    As for MGS isn’t there a way to transfer the saves from the PSP? I somehow thought there was one.
    Got the HD collection too on PS3 and vita, still don’t understand why peace walker didn’t make it in the HD collection for the vita though.

    1. Helu

      Keao, thanks for your reply! :D

      Yeah I want to play Persona 4 Golden my way, not dictated by the guide. Maybe on my third playthrough or so when it’s time to clean up for some trophies, but not now. Now I want to make decisions as me :p

      I think there is but you won’t get the trophies unless you start a new save from the PS3 HD Edition then transfer it to PSP. It doesn’t work if you already have a PSP save and then transfer it to PS3 HD Edition.

      I think it’s space issue because for example even the MGS3 for Vita is missing some modes like Boss Survival.

      Why don’t you play Peace Walker PS3 with me and increase our camaraderies? :p

  2. Keao

    We could just do that but I fear the time zones will be rough on us :/

    I’m on GMT+1 (Brussels, Paris, Coppenhagen…) And usually play from 18 to 24 (Not forcefully the whole 6 hours though) but should we overlap I’d be sure to give it a go.

    I’d also need to finish trophies for RE5 and advance in dragon’s dogma :3 (Good thing is I’m finished with gravity rush wich was awesome :D)


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