More Peace Walker Trophies

Finally unlocked the Monster Island, which is unlocked by meeting a talking cat in Extra Ops 29. I forgot where to meet the cat initially and left the Monster Island locked for some time in my PS3 version.

I then cleared all Monster Hunter stages in Co-ops and unlock the Monster Hunter trophy. I’m not done with these stages though as there are random rewards to get.

The bad thing about PS3 Co-op is that there is no chatroom to type messages, so I can’t tell people to do a no-kill run… so everyone just brings rocket launchers, kills lives, and gets low rank, losing my chance to get S ranks… -.-”

I also unlocked the trophy for S-ranking Paz Date, and reading Strangelove’s tapes, obtained inside the AI boards of the first iterations of the Metal Gears. The tapes tell a long, and quite intriguing, story.


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