First Persona 4 Arena Experience

Finally I was able to touch Persona 4 Arena a bit.

I beat Yu Narukami (Persona 4 main character)’s Arcade Mode and its ending is a cliffhanger.

I started Yu Narukami’s Story Mode. The visual novel part looks like Persona 4 but I can’t quite get used to seeing the main character also shown on the screen and talking. And also, the characters’ mouths move when they speak now.

To tell you the truth the story is kinda draggy, and I wish the creators kept it as a what-if instead of canon. The fact that the main character left the town and then came back 2 months later is rather pushing it…

Yu Narukami is definitely an easy character to use. His weak attack, the starting of his Auto Combo, its range is very short, unlike Yukiko’s which I think is decent. However one of his Skills qcb+1, which is far reaching, can easily cancel to it, I can see that it’s gonna be used often.

But I don’t think I completely grasp the game yet, so this is just beginner’s opinion.


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