Beat Yosuke Arcade Mode

I’ve beaten Yu’s Arcade Mode before so today I beat Yosuke’s.

The Arcade Mode, if you don’t skip the events, or lower the number of rounds per match (not sure if you can), takes quite some time to finish, around 40 minutes or so.

I think Yosuke is supposed to be a fast and trick character. He even has a cross-up Skill. And there is this Skill that if it hits, you can follow up with another Skill (that means another quarter-circle movement in the middle of combo that needs to be input with some precision).

I obtained a trophy for using Auto Combo 100 times. Yes, for me it’s that useful :p


2 thoughts on “Beat Yosuke Arcade Mode

  1. Keao

    Yay screenshots :D

    How’s the trophy list in the game? Usually I’m not too fond of fighting games in terms of trophy since it’s extremely hard to get 100% completion :/

    1. Helu

      Yeah, I thought I shouldn’t be lazy all the times… :p

      I think the hardest parts are Challenge and Score Attack. Challenge, as you may know, is about trying to pull off difficult combos. There is a trophy for beating ALL the Challenges. I haven’t tried Score Attack but I heard it’s like Very Hard Arcade Mode where all opponents are raised to Boss level.

      There are not a lot of Trophies pertaining to Network, they may be relatively easy to get, but I’m not sure… ^^;


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