Relatively Big Persona 4 Arena Progress

Was finishing up semester work, and I consistently failed to put up a post before midnight… ^^;

But I did play more Persona 4 Arena, and much more than before.

Firstly, I beat Chie and Yukiko’s Arcade Mode.

Chie’s Auto Combo is crazy, multiple of her Skills are used in it! (Other characters that I’ve played so far have only one Skill mixed in their Auto Combo) Her range is short, though. And I notice a particular attack of hers is ridiculously damaging if it’s a counter.

Yukiko’s fans are amazing. Her attack range is pretty long, and you can just keep shooting them. She also has a Skill where you can set an invisible flame and make it explode by releasing the button. I think you can do a lot of tricks with her ^^;

I then beat Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko’s Story Mode. I say beat but actually their stories stopped with ‘To Be Continued…’ I think I need to do something before their stories can advance. I can go on with the rest of P4 characters’ Story Mode, but I decided to start with Mitsuru Story Mode next.


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