More Persona Time

It’s been some time, but I picked up Persona 4 Golden again.

Where did I stop? Apparently I’m in the middle of one of those ‘vacation period’ after a major event concludes. Rise apparently wants to go inside the TV, apparently there is some strong monster in the dungeon now.

So I listened to her wish and went into the dungeon… why are the dungeons so friggin’ long? >.< The first time I played this game it took me a while to register that I don’t have to sweep through the entire floor, instead just keep looking for the stairs and climbing to the next floor… but even then it’s still tedious.

After that, the next day the game advances to… a vacation event. What a relaxing game. I look forward to more events but I stop for now.

As for Persona 4 Arena, I beat Labrys Story Mode. This is really beat, I think, since I earned a trophy for it, unless there are surprises. The game also gives a message that the locks on some characters’ Story Mode have been lifted. Trophies should start trickling now… XD

Anyway, I’m beat, not forgetting there are still some leftover work left to do for the semester… so I retire for the day.


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