First Persona 4 Arena Ranked Match

The Story Mode was getting me bored, so I tried Network Mode.

So I did my first Ranked Match, and I actually won! XD

Moreover, the last Round was pretty exciting for me. What happened was that I was Yu, and I was down to a single pixel of health, while my opponent Aigis still had half health remaining. All hope seemed lost, but I made a comeback by connecting 2 SP Skills.

Then, I knew he was going to chip me to death with SP Skill. At that instant, I thought ‘How do I get away from this?’ Then I remembered the B+D Furious Action has some invincibility frames, and so I put my faith in it.

It actually worked!

I was lucky, I managed to defeat him. It would have been a very close match otherwise.

Other than that, I beat Yosuke, Mitsuru and Chie Story Mode, and Kanji Arcade Mode. Trophies start trickling in… ^^;


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