30th August, 2012


It’s hard for me to think of post title, so I was thinking why not use the date as title, and inside the post I write what games I’ve played and what things I’ve done. So I’ll try out this method.

Project Diva f for Vita should be delivered to my house by today, and I can’t wait. I tried the demo and it was great. The graphics are amazing (no jaggies) and I prefer the new UI. The scratch gameplay works pretty well for me once I realize I should lessen the finger’s contact surface area to minimize friction. I just use the tip of my thumb just under the nail. But yeah, it’s not Miku Flick, you have to touch the screen beforehand before you do the scratching. I also like the result’s graph, which shows me the places where I break my combos.

I intend to do marathon on beating all songs on Normal and Hard difficulties and unlocking as many items as possible as soon as I get the game.

In the meantime, I’m playing (reading actually) Umineko for PS3 to pass the time.


Project Diva f has arrived! XD

Now if you’ll excuse me… ^^;


Just beat Normal difficulty… very satisfying feeling XD, but gotta take a break for now ^^; I woke up early because I thought Fedex could deliver it in the morning…


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