Project Diva f Platinum

The developers chose not to make the trophies difficult to earn, lol ^^;

Today is the end of two-week school break too… -.-“


10 thoughts on “Project Diva f Platinum

  1. Cloud

    Nice work. I’ve almost got platinum, but I’m missing one event. If I read the trophy guide right. It has to do with a cake. but when I place it down none of the characters can interact with it. Any advice? (I already got the events for all the birthdays)

    1. Helu

      Ah, just buy that specific table item (it’s not the present item birthday cakes), place it on the table, then on Diva Room’s main menu, select アイテムイベント, and select the item.

      1. Cloud

        I swear I did that >.< but I just got it, and the trophy for all room event's. Thank You very much for your help.

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