Vita Becomes A Book Reader

Vita now has a free application called Reader, downloadable from Japanese PlayStation Store, that allows users to read ebooks purchased from Sony Reader Store.

I’ve confirmed that my non-Japanese debit card can be used to purchase the books. Which is rather surprising actually because that’s not the case for Japanese PlayStation Store.

Speaking of which, Reader requires Sony ID, which turns out to be not the same as PSN (now SEN) account. This tripped me up in the beginning.

Buying the books from Vita web browser is not too convenient, as I have to login everytime I open the browser. I still prefer to browse the store from my iPad.

Unfortunately, not every books are compatible with Vita, which I think they’re going to fix in the future. I think it’s either licensing issues or the files need to be updated or both. Personally, I prefer if it’s just the files. Still, the books that are compatible with Vita are already quite a lot. Though there are indeed some series that are currently not compatible that I wish to be compatible.

The app interface is not bad. There is a 3D virtual book shelf. The navigation controls use both buttons and touchscreen and they are nice except the touch is a little confusing sometimes. Sometimes when I tap the screen it zooms, other times it displays more controls. In any case, another nice thing is that the app is rotatable just like iOS devices.

And as suspected, this app doesn’t allow capturing of screenshots when viewing the pages.

This might change my lifestyle and the way I use my Vita, who knows ^^;

Edit: I’ve since realized that there are better online stores (well, it’s more like give and take, actually. As far as I know, there isn’t one ultimate store that has every titles). Most of these stores have iPad reader apps. Not only reading with iPad is better, you can capture screenshots in iPad, too. (Sony Reader Store only has apps for Android and Vita. Its selection is actually not bad, it’s just that there is no iOS reader, and not every titles are compatible with Vita).


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