Project X Zone

My first print copy of Project X Zone game has arrived! XD

The first print edition includes a small artbook and 44-tracks OST.

The artbook is nothing much; you can find most of the illustrations online. It has nice summaries for individual series featured in the game, though. 12 tracks from the OST are supposedly original for the game, while the rest are music from various series (not sure whether they are remixed or not, maybe some are).

There’s just one small problem: it’s midterm next week, so I can’t afford to play now ^^;


4 thoughts on “Project X Zone

    1. Helu

      I see, yeah I went ahead and listened to the CD. Some tracks are nice, some are a little too ‘game-y’ for me, lol ^^;

      I wanna say I really like the opening movie. Usually I would just watch a game opening once or twice then I would skip it next times I play. For this game, I haven’t gotten tired of letting the opening movie play till finish every time I start, lol ^^


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