Japanese PSN Now Accept Non-Japanese Cards?

After my recent adventures of trying to purchase digital mangas off Japanese digital bookstores I had a hunch, so I went ahead and tested it.

I tried inserting my non-Japanese debit card information to my Japanese PSN account and it didn’t complain that the information is not valid etc!

Does that mean Japanese PSN now accept non-Japanese cards? The problem is I can’t really verify it… I have a few thousand yens in my balance after using a top-up card. If I just buy cheap games, it would just use the balance and not my card. I need to try it out by buying games that exceed my balance, but I don’t feel like doing that right now since I have so many other games to play… ^^;

Edit: Nope, it turns out I can’t still use my card, I think they reject it on the basis that I can’t provide the same address as the address information of my card… -.-“


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