Just wanna talk about the games that I’ve been playing recently :p

Even though I’ve gotten Platinum trophy for Project Diva f, I still try to get more Perfects. I’m left with the last few Hard songs, and virtually all Extreme songs… I was doing it at a rate of about a Perfect a day after I stopped for a while. It’s gonna be less from now on since there are no more easy ones for me… ^^;

I’ve gotten used to reading a chapter of Umineko a day. A chapter is about 30-60 mins long. It’s kinda crazy when I think about it that I’m just reading conversations. But I gotta keep moving since my library of visual novels is piling up. I haven’t even started reading the next part, which is Umineko Chiru -.-;

Was playing Project X Zone at a rate of a mission a day, now maybe even less than that. Game is fun but work is piling up too -.-” sometimes I boot up the game just to watch the opening movie ^^;

Played DOA5 and stopped. I was in the process of unlocking Alpha 152, which requires me to unlock 300 tiles. I was put off by the grindi-ness. The new mechanic is fun though.


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