Monokuro Blue Sky Hard Perfect


Perfected Monokuro Blue Sky on Hard.

I had trouble with this song but today it only took me a few tries.

I’m quite convinced now that whenever you come into trouble with a particular thing, just take a break. When you come back to it another day, you mysteriously become better against it.

I bought the DLC that unlocked Neru, Haku and Teto modules. It cost 600 yen, which I think is not too expensive, but the thing is it downloads really fast. It’s as if the models are already in the game and the DLC is just an unlock code. Such practice doesn’t gel principally with me, but I’m aware it’s become more of a norm these days.

And for some reason I like albino characters like Haku, so whatever.

I’m going through the Hard songs sorted by level of difficulty. My next song to perfect would be the Hanafuda song.


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