Beat Umineko & Starting Umineko Chiru

Finally ‘beat’ (finished reading) Umineko PS3. What a long visual novel (though I haven’t read enough visual novels to know what a long visual novel is like).

One of the trophies is to press the ‘next’ button 30,000 times. I was expecting that I had to clean up this trophy after beating the game, but it turned out I didn’t have to. I got it halfway during final episode, even when I used Auto a lot, which presumably missed me some count. So there are at least 30,000 sentences (and possibly quite significantly more since I used Auto) in this game and I think that’s really long.

So what do I think of Umineko? Very insane. Only a Japanese man on an acid trip can write this thing (no disrespect & racism intended). I think even a brilliant movie like Inception is nothing compared to this. I feel bad for all English novel readers who can’t read this because of language barrier (or feels too troubled to download and setup English fan-translated PC version). I can’t imagine the amount of fame this work would receive if it had been written in English.

I immediately jumped to Umineko Chiru PS3, which began from Episode 5 (Umineko = Episode 1-4, Umineko Chiru = Episode 5-8). The thing is, I had already read Episode 5 in the past in its original PC version (I read Episodes 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 in their original PC version), so I felt the nostalgia.


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