Umineko Chiru Episode 5

I gotta say I’m enjoying the little updates of arts in Umineko Chiru PS3 over Umineko PS3. I think because I immediately jumped into this game after beating Umineko PS3, little changes become very apparent (Umineko Chiru PS3 was released one year after Umineko PS3).

It seems they updated Battler’s expressions to look more faithful to his original PC version now.

Bernkastel received major improvements. I think it’s because she was done rather poorly in Umineko PS3. In Umineko PS3, she faced too much to the side, and her mouth looked mismatched with the shape of her cheek. Maybe the developers didn’t have time, but now they fixed her.

Natsuhi has more facial expressions, which is understandable, considering she has more prominent role in Episode 5. And just for an instance, I saw a new angry expression of Rosa. I’m not sure if it’s going to replace her old angry face from Umineko PS3, but we shall see.

I was also surprised that they remade the opening movie for Episode 5. It’s exactly the same movie as the original PC version but with PS3 character sprites and higher resolution images.

It seems to me in Umineko PS3, they tried to be creative, but for Umineko Chiru PS3, they tried to be faithful. All the new characters’ arts so far looked very similar to the original PC version, only more professional and better proportioned.

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