Rockbound Neighbors

Bought Nana Mizuki’s latest album, which is not like me at all.


I gotta say, wow the packaging feels like Apple product 0.o

I bought this because the album includes DLC for upcoming game Shining Ark. Unlike Shining Blade, the code is not shareable.

I’m actually surprised that it’s a major character:


‘You mean you can’t play her if you don’t buy the CD?’ She is even in the game’s front cover:


Probably they would also sell this DLC on PSN in the future.

She, by the way, is a recurring character in recent entries of Shining series. She is known as Maxima in Shining Hearts and Sakuya in Shining Blade. Not sure what her name is in Ark. She is the artist Tony Taka’s favorite character and according to Shining Hearts artbook, they have a lot of backstory in mind for her and they even retroactively added her involvement all the way back to the first Shining game.

Ark, by the way, seems to be a fusion of Hearts and Blade. It has slow life elements from Hearts and combat system from Blade. Looking at the screenshots, the character models seem to have greatly improved from Blade. I hope it remains true in the actual game. And I hope this doesn’t mean that they plan for Vita version in the future, because I would’ve waited for that instead.

Anyway, I ripped the CD and have been listening to it in my iPhone. The first song Avalon is noteworthy (it’s like Disney meets Anime) but the rest are pretty indistinguishable to me. My favorite tracks besides Avalon are Bright Stream, Metro Baroque, Synchrogazer and Galaxy Symphony.

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