Galaxy Dungeon, Part 5

Yep, I’m still playing Galaxy Dungeon. I think the game’s simplicity and theme (girl + mecha) just bode well with me.

Now that I only play Galaxy Dungeon, I decided not to name my posts Social Games anymore.

I also submitted the game information to GameFAQs. At first it was rejected because GameFAQs doesn’t list App Store as one of the distribution centers among the likes of Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store and so I picked Other. I was supposed to pick Online, and the moderator left me with a note saying only ‘Other?’ I think I’m not entirely at fault here, but oh well.

The reason I submitted the game information to GameFAQs is that I may write a guide on how to play the game for those who don’t know Japanese. But it’s just something I have in mind so I may not actually do it.

I now have 69 of 80 cards, and all of them are at least Rare+ cards. I decided not to keep any Rare or below cards and instead I just use them for leveling up other cards. I have about 10 Super Rare cards and 2 Super Rare+ (highest) cards. All that and I only spent money once during New Year’s event. The game is really quite generous about giving rare cards (compared to other games I’ve played).

In fact, I’m starting to worry that I may not have enough storage to keep all Rare+ cards that I will get in the future. That means I gotta make hard decisions T.T I hope the developers will keep raising the card limit over time and somehow match my pace, instead of it being a one-time-occurrence for obvious balancing.

I had also leveled up some of the cards to max. I decided that I would like to talk about them slowly, like one card per post. So to start off:


The official English spelling for the names is not given, and some cards have ridiculous names, but I think hers is easy: Emma Lauren. Every character has her ‘ARMS’ named as well and hers is Magellan. She is my first ever Super Rare card and I got her from Ticket Gatcha.

Ticket Gatcha is a special Gatcha that in my experience gives at least Rare cards. In any case it’s better than the standard Gatcha. The tickets for Ticket Gatcha can be obtained while playing the game. They are hard to come by but not very rare.

I think she is one of the reasons I got hooked to this game; getting Super Rare card so early in the game.

After maxing her, her Max ATK is 5050 and Max DEF is 5150. She is not very strong. To give a context, I have two maxed Super Rare cards that overshadow her and even one unmaxed Super Rare card. In automatic party, which uses the best 10 cards, she is in 6th position. But in the end, so far only high-level Diablo monster (which I will describe in the future) give her real trouble.

Actually what’s special about her is that her BP cost, 15, is very low for a Super Rare card. Usually Super Rare cards cost around 30. It’s amazing that many Rare+ cards, which may not grow to be as powerful as her, actually cost more than her.

Her Skill either activates at the start of the battle or not. If activated, she will deal a powerful attack that is 4 times her normal damage after everyone finishes attacking on the first turn. I find it cool when facing a monster party of 3 when other cards use their turn to kill the first 2 monsters and then she just finishes off the last monster in one hit. That’s all her Skill is but I find that her Skill activates pretty often. Not very often but more than I expected.

p.s. if you ever decide to try this game, I would appreciate if you use this referral code: 0X8AT

It will give both of us bonuses. Then I think I will also be in your contact list and we can help each other out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do ;)

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