Galaxy Dungeon, Part 6


She is my second maxed Super Rare card. She is given by the game, just like that, as a gift.

Her English spelling name should be Yui Burroughs. Not sure about her Arms, I bet it’s some Japanese legend… ^^;

Her Max ATK is the strongest among my Super Rare cards at 6200, but her Max DEF is abysmal at 2000. Other cards, even if they are only half developed, can go past 2000 easily.

Her Skill is Fatal Strike, a special attack that deals 5 times damage. Unlike other Skills that either activate at the start of the battle or not, her Skill activates in the middle of battle, but still only once. The activation rate is tad low for my liking, and more often than not she gets devoured by high-level Diablo faster before she can use it.

Her Skill cut-in looks pretty bad ass though:


The game recently added the strongest Super Rare+ card yet, with Max ATK at 8500 and Max DEF at 7500. Her Skill is the same, Fatal Strike. Must be ridiculous damage. Wish I can get that card, but it should be very hard to get, even if I try Premium Gatchas.

The game also recently has a new event, which is collecting figurines in the dungeons. If you collect 30000 before 4th of Feb, which in my estimation is not hard to reach, you get exclusive Super Rare card with decent stats!

p.s. if you ever decide to try this game, I would appreciate if you use this referral code: 0X8AT

It will give both of us bonuses. Then I think I will also be in your contact list and we can help each other out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do ;)


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