Galaxy Dungeon, Part 7

They increased max card limit from 80 to 120! Oh yeah! XD

Now I wish I could’ve kept some Rare (3-star) cards instead of fusing them… -.-;

With so many card slots, I think a good strategy now is to wait to fuse until weekend. Every Friday to Saturday there is that period where the fuse value is 1.5 times (but I’m not sure if it’s every week or just occasionally).

Now, introducing one more maxed Super Rare card of mine:


I got her from winning the dice mini-game.

Her name is Leele Paula and her Arms is Pixy.

Unfortunately she is not that strong, her Max ATK is 5400 and her Max DEF is 4700. Her skill is a special attack that ignores enemy’s defense. It feels pretty good when you battle high-defense enemy, only dealing small damages, and then she unleashes this attack ^^

p.s. if you ever decide to try this game, I would appreciate if you use this referral code: 0X8AT

It will give both of us bonuses. Then I think I will also be in your contact list and we can help each other out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do ;)


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