God And Fate Revolution Paradox

Just received my copy of the Japanese limited edition of God And Fate Revolution Paradox (in Japan, its name is Kamisama To Unmei Kakumei No Paradox, and a shorthand name is Kamipara).


It includes soundtrack CD and a booklet.


The booklet is modeled after light novel. The first part of the booklet is indeed a light novel and the last part is a mini material collection.

I tried the game and it’s pretty interesting. It’s a dungeon game where the enemies move only if you move. You can equip the characters with lots of funky items, and each item has skill with cool animations. The upgrade system seems to have lots of freedom.

I admit, I bought this game because of the characters (and also the music) ^^;


4 thoughts on “God And Fate Revolution Paradox

  1. OshareKeiji

    Judging from your description, it seems kinda like Nippon Ichi’s own version of Fuurai No Shiren.

    Now I’m interested… but I haven’t finished Neptune V yet, so…

    1. Helu

      Maybe, never heard of that game, but I heard this one is based on their previous work, a superhero thing. It also reminds me of Izuna series on DS.

      I guess you’re going to update your blog once you complete Neptune V? :p (I tried it and I think it’s pretty hardcore… Need to grind lol ^^;)

      1. OshareKeiji

        Zettai Hero Keikaku? Indeed, it does have the same vibe, but it’s pretty much also based on Shiren. Most western gaming journalists refer to that style of RPG as “Rougelike”.

        Yeah, been meaning to do updates for ages now. Problem is, my haunts and systems have increased, so I can’t do the same full-scale reviews like I used to.

        I have about roughly 22 backlogs to date. (15 finished, 7 currently playing)

      2. Helu

        Ah yep that’s the one. I was expecting this game to be a Disgaea spin-off, didn’t expect it to be this kinda game. Gotta say I’m pretty much new to this genre ^^;

        Ah I see, it’s ok, take your time ;) Glad to see you’re still around ^^

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