Galaxy Dungeon, Part 11

I reached a milestone in this game. That is, I managed to complete all missions and collect all treasures. There is not much I can do now other than revisit old areas to level up and gain more items.

This feels a little surreal simply because it’s the first time I did it, just like how I leveled up a character to Lv. 99 for the first time. Other similar card games I’ve played like Metal Gear Solid Social Ops and Cinderella Girls, their mission equivalent of this game take forever to finish. Those games rack up the AP expenditure so fast that the progress crawls to snail pace really quickly. This game, however, its AP expenditure doesn’t increase very much. Even on the last missions, it takes 11AP per move, which is still modest compared to the other two. And to top it off, the exploration in this game is more interesting unlike the other two games where you’re just linearly tapping button.

Here is another introduction to my maxed Super Rare Card:


Her name is Mireille Dardenne (I’m pretty surprised but it seems this game doesn’t just anyhow make up names; all the katakana so far have proper English name spelling). Her arms is Belial.

Her Skill is similar to a previous one I introduced, 1.5 damage multiplier to all party members on first turn. She managed to be my strongest Super Rare Card for a while (below my two Super Rare+ cards) before two Super Rare cards took over from my recent massive level-up. I particularly like this card because it’s pretty unique compared to other cards, with the character showing her back and all.

p.s. if you ever decide to try this game, I would appreciate if you use this referral code: 0X8AT

It will give both of us bonuses. Then I think I will also be in your contact list and we can help each other out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do ;)


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