Project Diva Arcade

I didn’t know there was a machine in my local area lol.

The IC card was pretty expensive in my opinion. It is used to store player data. I hope it doesn’t have usage limit like Tekken.


One credit allows me to play two songs. Not bad, about a dollar a song. I played World’s End Dancehall on Easy and Star Story on Normal. The World’s End Dancehall PV is not from Project Diva f though, they actually reuse background scenes from older games.

Easy was easy but I still broke the combo somewhere -.-, the Normal song shows some exclusive gameplay elements like holding a note for more scores while still being able to press other buttons.

My hand crams as I hit the large buttons. I guess I’m not used to it yet ^^;

There are 4 buttons, 2 meant for each hand. It’s weird but the buttons are triangle, square, x and circle, from left to right. It’s weird for me because if I were to order the Playstation buttons, I would order them as square, triangle, x and circle (this caught me a few times). I mean, even if one was to simulate the two-handed gameplay on portable/console version, one would use left dpad as square and up dpad as triangle, and even that, if you scan from left to right, is still square, triangle, x and circle.

I leveled up to level 2. I didn’t manage to find out how to use the Vocaloid points I earned to buy items, though.

Will I come back and play this everyday? Maybe not as I can get similar experience ‘for free’ on my PSP or Vita as much as I want. I thought it would be a good exercise to train ambidexterity though.


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