I gave DmC a try and didn’t regret it.


The game, in my opinion, is very good. It’s very professionally handled and has lots of good designs.

You can switch between 8 weapons (3 firearms and 5 actual weapons) in the midst of battle without having to access menus or anything! How is that possible? Well, the first part of the equation is that holding L2 or R2 triggers switches to Angel or Demon weapon respectively. There are two Angel weapons and two Demon weapons, and you can switch between two Angel weapons by tapping left dpad (and equivalently, right dpad for Demon weapons). You can switch between firearms with up dpad. This may sound confusing, but it’s actually pretty easy to pull off in the game. It allows you to switch to any weapon in the middle of combos.

And the pull mechanic, pulling demons toward you or pulling yourself toward a demon, is very nice. It leads to some very interesting aerial combat that I haven’t felt ever since Shinobi PS2 game.

I actually like the new Dante. He’s a different Dante alright. Well, maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the original Dante in the first place. And if you think about it, even every Dante in the older games is ‘different’, anyway. Out of all the original games, I like DMC3 most.

The only bad thing about DmC I can think of is that it’s simply too perfect. Everything seems to be well thought of. Every move has its use. The enemies have been designed so that you need to make good use of all your weapons. The story flows and concludes in a nice way. I see these as a mark of Western developers. It’s nice in a way, but I find that it misses some of the charms of Japanese games. When Metal Gear Rising Revengeance releases end of this month, I probably can’t help but compare it with this game.


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