Galaxy Dungeon [12]

It seems that Friday afternoon is the time when the developers offer sneak peak info of the upcoming events. It is also the time when experience gained from fusing cards is raised 1.5 times.

I managed to max 3 of my Super Rare cards, but only one made it to my Auto Party. It feels pretty wasteful in a way.

I also managed to max all my Cool and Pure type Super Rare cards. The last type is Soul and I still have two Soul type Super Rare cards to max. That means for the other types I can start leveling Rare+ cards that I like (or based on their skills).

I feel pretty uneasy that even with a party full of Super Rare cards, defeating high-level Diablo still proves to be tough. What the developers intend players to do is to spend money on Gatchas, because every time a new Diablo appears, they will release an exclusive set of cards only available from Premium Gatchas that can deal 5 times damage only to that specific Diablo. Imagine a party full of those cards. Their usefulness lasts only as long as the period when those Diablos appear (and so far old Diablos don’t come back), but gaining advantage over Diablo does allow you to gain more bonuses it may be worthwhile.

The next update is going to be huge. They’re going to release a new map and it’s an ice world. They’re going to replace all Super Rare card prizes for the mini-games (thankfully I have gotten all the current Super Rare cards).

I’m holding out spending money on this game because I’m pretty sure they’re preparing something special for Valentine, just like for Christmas and New Year.

Here’s my maxed Super Rare card of the day:


Her name is Tiz Veronica and her Arms is Silky. Her special skill is increasing the rate of activation of other members’ special skills. She was in the last position in my Auto Party until a new Super Rare card kicked her out ^^;

p.s. if you ever decide to try this game, I would appreciate if you use this referral code: 0X8AT

It will give both of us bonuses. Then I think I will also be in your contact list and we can help each other out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do ;)


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