Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! Hard

That’s 7 nyas lol.

Perfected it after quite a number of tries.


This is like the most annoying song in the game, but after playing it dozens of times, it kinda grew on me ^^; I think the key to stand this song is to learn to accept it and just have fun lol.


I’m left with only one song on Hard, the Hanafuda song.

It’s probably the hardest song on Hard for me, just because of one part in the song. It’s the part where you have to press lots of circles followed by three double triangle notes.

Probably because I can’t catch the beats or the visuals are too distracting, I always screw up at the double notes.

Not only that, right after this part, there is a set of square notes where you have to press two double-taps followed immediately by three quick notes. Surgical precision is required, lol.


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