Project Diva Arcade [2]

I ended up coming back for more Project Diva Arcade, lol.

So I have the IC card, and the card has Access Code behind, which can be used to login to (DIVA.NET)

However, I need to set a password on the arcade machine itself, and that’s partly the reason why I came back. It was pretty difficult to find the screen to do it though lol.

Having done that, I can now login to the website, and there are actually lots of stuffs that can be done inside, such as buying costumes using points I earned or looking at my records. This website is like all the extra screens besides the actual game in the console/portable version lol (but more ugly and text-based).

I bought Yowane Haku. The next time I play, she should be the character on the PV immediately, without me having to mock around with the arcade’s in-game settings, since I already set her on the website. Pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 1.21.29 AM

I played Ookami Girl and No Logic on Normal. Ookami Girl is an exclusive song in Arcade and the PV is new for me but again, they reuse the backgrounds. No Logic is interesting because it’s a remake from Project mirai game. In Project mirai, the characters are super-deformed Nendoroid style, but in Arcade, the characters are in normal Diva proportions, lol. Pretty refreshing.

This time I screwed up badly (still can’t get used to the weird button order and the new gameplay elements) and got Standard for both songs. I earned so little VP points >.<


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