Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen, Hard

I did it! I perfected this song on Hard! XD


(I always called this Hanafuda song because of the theme… ^^;)

It took me quite a number of tries because there are two things I need to overcome in this song.

A trick to double-notes is that you can ‘plant’ one finger beforehand (I kinda knew it but never had to resort to it). For the part I usually fail where there is a ring of circles followed by three double triangle notes, I planted my finger on up d-pad (for triangle) before the ring. That’s how I succeeded in three square double-notes followed immediately by three quick square notes, too. It’s still tough for me, but it would have been very difficult to do otherwise.

With this, I’ve perfected every songs on Project Diva f on Hard! XD

I guess it’s time to enter the Extreme realm… -.-“


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