6 thoughts on “RISING!!!

  1. OshareKeiji

    Personally speaking, the only MGS I was able to play seriously was the first one. Got a used copy of MGS4 but haven’t touched it yet. With all my backlogs, I’m 50/50 on getting Rising. Plus I’m not too familiar with Raiden. What little I know of him is through nicovids and online articles.

    1. Helu

      I see. An interesting thing about Raiden is that his character is ‘subtly’ different in English and Japanese version. In MGS2 Japanese version, he is more serious. He is on par with Snake, only lacking confidence sometimes. In MGS2 English version though, he is ‘whiny’.

      The next interesting thing is that in order to make each version consistent on their own (like Street Fighter series keeping the name differences instead of fixing one version) but at the same time let Raiden grow as a character, they make him grow in different ways in the sequels. The effect is that his character branches even further between the two versions. In MGS4 English version, they kind of force Raiden to sound bad-ass while in MGS4 Japanese version, he is quite consistent with his character from MGS2, only even calmer.

      I haven’t gotten my Japanese copy of Rising, but I’ve 1) watched Japanese and English trailers and compared his dialogues and 2) read the Japanese subtitles in the English version. As far as I experience, in Rising English version, he’s become more arrogant and also very Dark-Knight sounding sometimes, while in Japanese version he is still those cool and calm hero. The difference in Rising is the most jarring yet which finally motivates me to discuss about it. You can especially hear how different his character is in key scenes of the game.

      In summary, his character (by his dialogues) is pretty consistent throughout the series in Japanese version, while he kinda keeps growing in a ‘dynamic’ manner (whiny -> forced badass -> more forced badass + arrogant ) in English version.

      As an aside, can’t wait for 28th February, lol. Guess you know what I’m talking about :p

      1. Nikola Begedin (Blogging Games)

        I did not know that. Kind of mind-blowing. I only played the English version and I mostly remember the plot as confusing, in part because it can be a bit confusing, but in part also because I’ve been having issues with the controls. I didn’t have a proper dual analog controller at the time, so mapping controls to the keyboard, especially the sword, was a real pain.

      2. Helu

        Ah yes, I remember the PC version of MGS2 Substance was a pain in the ass for me as well due to controls and some graphic card issues -.-;

        Yeah, the plot is confusing. This might jolt your memory a little, but there are parts where ‘it’s a lie’, then ‘the lie is a lie’, and then ‘the lie of the lie is also a lie’ lol ^^;

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