Naked And Unloved, Yeah Right…

I bought the limited edition strategy guide of Metal Gear Rising. I have the one for MGS4, so I thought I should keep the tradition. Besides, this game has a lot of ‘collectible items hidden in smart ways’. I thought I have moved and explored the areas carefully, but two playthroughs later and the guide told me that I have completely overlooked two items in 1st chapter alone 0.o”…


But what really affects me is one of the Titles that you can earn in this game. Titles are something you can obtain after you beat a playthrough, gotten by satisfying certain conditions during the playthrough. One of them is called ‘Naked And Unloved’, and it requires you to beat Hard mode without upgrading Raiden’s Life and Fuel Cells. Now, you can’t really downgrade him if you’ve upgraded him, which means the only way for me to obtain this Title is to start a ‘New Game’ (it’s not literally a completely new save, but it’s a feature in which you lose all your money, all your customization and upgrade purchases and all your S-rank battle records).

Fuck (lol ^^;).

The strategy guide recommends completionists to earn this Title last but I digress. There is nothing by playing it later that would make it easier if you have accidentally upgraded Raiden’s Life and Fuel Cells and have to select ‘New Game’. The only way to make it easier is to play the game in easier playthroughs first, upgrading various other areas but purposely avoiding Life and Fuel Cells like plague. This means that for people like me who have upgraded those parts, I essentially have to start all over again. The earlier I do it the better, because one dedication you can do in this game is to S-rank all Ranked Battles. Imagine I S-ranked most of them and guess what? I got to wipe all those records and start over just to get the last Title.

Why do I need to collect all the Titles? Well I got all the Titles from MGS4, so it’s kind of a tradition I guess… ^^;

Another sad point. It seems that Japanese version will be the only version with Japanese voiceover, and the blood is white. There is no esoteric version where it’s Japanese voiceover but red blood. Asian version for example although it uses Japanese version cover design its content is the American version (English voiceover plus red blood). I was kind of ecstatic when I saw it uses Japanese cover design. Unfortunately for some reason, as I have come across in the past, Konami, unlike some other companies, proactively ensures that at least the Kojima Production games in Asian region is the English version.

In English version, there is a codec conversation which rationales why Raiden now bleeds in red even though he bled in white in MGS4 (the white blood is outdated technology). I’m not sure how they’re going to handle this conversation in Japanese version, probably they would remove it… -.-”

The interesting thing is imagine what happens if they never decided to give Raiden white blood in MGS4 in the first place. I think the white blood in Japanese Rising would simply be unacceptable. Now it’s kind of mildly acceptable, because he did bleed white in MGS4. What a weird happy accident…


5 thoughts on “Naked And Unloved, Yeah Right…

      1. Helu

        It starts with this game. Basically you earn BP through battles, item collection and bonuses. You can use it to buy costumes, weapons, skills and upgrade Raiden’s body or purchased weapons.

        One notable point is that some items that can be purchased must be unlocked first by accomplishing certain tasks. Unlocking is not the same as purchasing it, it simply makes it available in the shop.

  1. Sullivan

    MGS4 had a similar system where you had to collect “Drebin Points” to buy stuff from the shop. And let’s not forget about Peace Walker, that game even has your own base to build up, with people to recruit, research to do etc.


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