Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Shinovi Versus is like mini Dynasty Warriors (you only fight a few crowds of enemies, if at all) and the main focus is the boss (hence Versus) with transformations and aerial pursuits. It’s interesting at first but like the previous games, it gets boring real fast =.= (at least to me). It’s still more interesting than the previous games though, and it can get very intensive (there’s a level where I have to fight two boss characters and wow, that was chaos. I can imagine them putting three or more).

One of the characters (the left one below) wears a scary devil mask. However, her hidden face is actually quite cute:



When she takes off her mask, her personality and voice totally change lol.

And I can’t get enough of Yumi’s bullet time err… swing during her special attack ^^;






The cast of one of the new schools:


One of my favorite characters is Shiki, the rightmost character. I just like her type of eyes. She speaks casually and looks like a carefee character but the truth is she’s very serious: she reads books everyday and can finish reading one in a day. Also, she’s a blogger ^^;

The story is quite a mystery to me. It can be humorous, but at the same time it can be pretty touching, too. I read the writer is the writer of 428 game or something like that, so it might have something to do with that.


9 thoughts on “Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

  1. OshareKeiji

    The whole thing actually plays like Onechanbara Z Kagura. The controls are no different from Burst of 3DS, only with the addition of a guard button and a useless parry special.

    Among the newcomers, I dig Miyabi from Hebi Jo and Minori from Gessen. I laughed awful hard when Katsuragi called Miyabi an ikemen (handsome dude) in one personal story mission, and Minori’s “Ninja Game” outlook is a fun little character trait, not to mention she handles better than Hibari and Mirai.

    1. Helu

      Ikemen with oppai lol XD

      I haven’t unlocked Homura’s group yet but the thing about Minori that irks me is her square combo lifts up enemies in the air, giving them opportunities to counter attack.

      She is no doubt very cute, though. Probably the mosf innocenf of all characters. I also like her exchanges with Hibari on the final chapter of Gessen story.

      Yep, the parry… This game is not like Metal Gear Rising or DmC where the enemies ‘declare’ their attacks, anyway.

      For the newcomers, I like Shiki, Yumi, and… Ryona (pretty extreme character ^^;)

      I also think they have made Yagyuu and Hibari even cuter, and Hikage even cooler.

      I hope Tamsoft can now focus on porting Onechanbara Kagura Z to Sony systems lol

      1. OshareKeiji

        Still, with later level growth Minori’s combo strings can work better. Hibari’s little “curved tornado maneuver” kills any chance of a good chain, and it doesn’t really help that this game doesn’t have lock-on.

        lol Ryona. First Do-M character in the SK universe, uses a pair of fun little two-barrel handguns and her Shinobi Tenshin costume is an Ice Princess Figure Skater. Quite the whacked little critter, but she adds to the dynamics of the new Hebi Jo group.

        You should try Yagyuu’s personal story missions if you haven’t already. Her affection for Hibari has reached new heights… to the point that frequent nosebleeds are involved.

        The only annoying thing about that mode is that the voiced lines repeat every time it’s interrupted by a cut-in (rip shot, ninpou, etc)

      2. Helu

        This game does have lock-on though, which is by tapping the touchscreen, and the game would try to lock-on to most appropriate target, unless you think it’s not good enough ^^; I heard in the next patch we would recenter camera when we guard. I can’t believe they didn’t think of that earlier though.

        Yep, I honestly haven’t seen much characters, if at all, like Ryona.

        They really have improved the facial expressions in the game and made the characters more pronounced. Only in this version that I see the rabbit-like quality in Hibari, for example.

        But yeah, they also made the characters go overboard now. Yagyuu’s affection toward Hibari, Katsuragi’s sekuhara… Lol.

        Yep, some voiced lines are pretty long and they end up repeating as I spam the boss with special attacks, lol ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Yeah, that should have been incorporated early on. The touch lock-on is just a decorative crosshair; it doesn’t follow the enemy around all that much, which is a pain especially if said enemy jumps or circles a lot.

    It would be nice if aside from the guard camera correction, they’d also fix the parry timing to be less severe. while I don’t intend to use it for the long haul, there’s a little annoyance in the form of a trophy that requires you to parry 100 attacks… geh.

    I agree with you regarding the design quality though. We’re talking about a system that prioritizes high-def over a display that halfheartedly incorporates 3D effects, after all. Plus they had more room to experiment since Sony didn’t limit them to the kiddish conditions that Nintendo did.

    I’m still surprised over the fact that this game actually made it to a CERO D rating despite pushing the local console game standard with regards to exposure to the very limit…

    …not that I’m complaining. ^_^

    1. Helu

      Yep, it’s not a strict lock-on, the attacks only follow the lock-on if the movement analog-stick is not being pushed, but yeah it’s annoying when it changes target to a jumping enemy and the combo breaks in the process… -.-;

      Yeah, the parry trophy thing… I hope it can be done in the practice session ^^;

      I guess Sony is backing them for Vita’s success lol

      1. OshareKeiji

        Well I found a few minor enemies whose timing is somewhat easy to read. Might be able to pull it off in one of Murakumo’s HR Missions, but it’ll take a bit especially with my skill (or in actuality, lack thereof) towards fighting game mechanics.

        But once that’s over with, the rest are just story/collection/condition based, and won’t be too much of a hassle.

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