Project Diva F And 3D

Since one of the differences between PS3 version and Vita version of Project Diva F is that PS3 version can watch the PVs in 3D, I went ahead and tried the feature.

At first the 3D option in the game is grayed out and I asked myself what’s wrong since my TV clearly supports 3D.

It turns out that I must use HDMI cable. I used component cable because my HD capture device doesn’t support HDMI. In any case, I switched to HDMI and the 3D option lights up.

I also found out why, the first time I started the PS3 version, the edges of the game seem to be cropped out and that I have to set the game screen size to 95%. It turns out that it’s purposely cropped out by my TV. It’s something called overscan and the intent is to hide analog signal artefacts near the edges. Only with HDMI digital signal that my Samsung TV allows me to display the image without any edge-cropping (they call it ‘Fit To Screen’).

So it turns out that I have actually been playing my games with the edges slightly cropped out.

And it turns out why I didn’t notice it is that game developers adhere to the overscan guidelines by not putting the UI too close to the edges. But for games like Project Diva F and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, where they are originally portable games that don’t have to worry about overscan guidelines (and they can’t really afford to, since the screen real estate is relatively small), instead of modifying the UI for the PS3 version, the developers choose to give us the screen size option instead.

Yep, now I know why I had to adjust the screen for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Persona 4 Ultimate.

Also, when my TV is in 3D mode the audio sounds very soft for some reason. It turns out that when 3D mode is on, my Samsung TV also turns on 3D audio mode to complement it, but this 3D audio thing makes the volume very soft, so I just turn it off.

At first I’m worried that I might accidentally turn on my 3D glass while there is no need to, wasting battery life, but it turns out that the whole thing is very controlled. If I turn on my 3D glass while the TV is not displaying 3D signal, it’ll know and automatically switch off.

So only when the game is displaying 3D signal, like at the PV start screen, that I can turn on my 3D glass. And once the PV is over, the 3D glass would turn off by itself. Pretty neat ^^;

The 3D effect of the game is pretty underwhelming though. Only from the subtitles and the logos that it’s obvious that there is 3D. The rest feels pretty subtle.

There are 2 options to adjust the 3D: The depth option and the pop-out effect. Adjusting the depth option results in subtle change. Generally it makes the faraway objects look farther (and hence deeper). I don’t see why one shouldn’t just max out this option as it simply enhances the 3D effect.

The pop-out effect however can give very dramatic change. As you adjust this setting during PV pause screen you can see the contours of the objects changing wildly. The pop-out effect makes objects appear to jump out of the screen, but setting the value to max gives a funny and uncomfortable result: it’s as if the objects are in front of the screen, but at the same time they are not since they are cut by the borders of the TV.

In my settings, I set the depth option to 3 (max) and the pop-out effect to 1 (just a little bit).

Personally, the 3D is nothing too amazing and I prefer just 2D. The 3D on TV also strains my eyes more than the 3D from 3DS >.<


2 thoughts on “Project Diva F And 3D

  1. OshareKeiji

    Yeah, 3D is only good for casual viewing. In gaming not so much.

    Especially with a game like PDF, your eyes have to be moving all over the place to catch those note symbols at the right time. Even K-On HD’s 3D view actually kills the gameplay instead of enhancing it. (Bad input timing lag + following notes on 3D view = oi)

    1. Helu

      Lol yeah I can’t believe they didn’t put timing option in K-On HD. That pretty much kills my however little remaining consideration of buying the game. In Project mirai for 3DS though, they design the 3D such that the notes and the PV behind them feel clearly separated, so it actually helps in gameplay. But I think with the 3D on the framerate decreases slightly, and it becomes a problem with some songs so in the end I just turn the 3D effect off ^^;


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