Project Diva F Mini Controller

Bought the mini controller for Project Diva F.


What pushed me to buy this accessory is that I feel the experience of playing the PS3 version is not that different from the Vita version. It’s the same game, after all. I think by playing with this controller, the experience would be different.


The buttons are twice as big as arcade stick buttons, and of course they are specially rounded. But they are (obviously) smaller than Project Diva Arcade buttons, which can fit my entire palm.

Just for comparison, for this mini controller buttons I use only both index and middle fingers for pressing. For Project Diva Arcade buttons I have to use four if not all of my fingers.

It’s actually not hard for me to get used to this controller. I guess it’s because I played Project Diva Arcade a few times before. I felt a little sore, but it’s nothing compared to my first time playing Project Diva Arcade.

The controller is a bit too noisy though. It’s not so bad but I wish it would produce slightly less noise. I saw a Japanese dude in YouTube modified the same controller to be quieter, but I am too afraid to try such things ^^;


2 thoughts on “Project Diva F Mini Controller

  1. OshareKeiji

    Ah, so it’s a wired peripheral? Was thinking of getting one myself, but my hands are a bit too flighty when it comes to this game (at least, with the Dreamy Theater titles and F)

    The only related stuff I got so far was the accessory set. The controller stand and wire clips were a godsend.

    1. Helu

      Yep, it’s wired. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have cable compartment like recent arcade sticks, so may need to use rubber to keep the cable organized.

      I feel playing with this special controller is more fun because there are more hand movements lol

      Yeah I actually would like that controller stand too, that’s what got me hooked when I saw the accessory set. Not so much now I guess… ^^;


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